How It All Started

Our original name, Ice To Eskimos, came from a very tongue-in-cheek description of what we did… we placed recruiters in their own jobs.

Rec to Rec as it is known is a very, very tough gig and to excel you have to be exceptional.

For many years we were known as the industry leaders. However, over time our authentic and genuine approach, combined with unwavering integrity, led to organisations outside of recruitment agencies requesting our services and we moved away from recruitment to recruitment.

With the change in focus came a change in name, to Integritas Talent. Integritas is Latin for integrity, a word that we truly hope is synonymous with us and the service we offer.

Our evolution has led us to today, where we are proud to work with and support small to medium enterprise. We partner with businesses who really look after their staff, who are great employers, but who may not have the knowledge, time or experience to attract the best talent; something we excel at.

From the Director

Julie Harvey

I’m Julie Harvey, the Director and Founder of Integritas Talent. More than twenty years ago, I “fell” into recruitment. It wasn’t a career I imagined for myself (I actually wanted to be a doctor!), but over the years I developed a genuine love for talent solutions. I may not be saving lives like I imagined, but I do hope to make a difference by taking great care in my work.


Every placement matters

Whether it’s been supporting candidates to develop in their careers when I’ve placed them in their first jobs, seeing an individual realise their potential by me placing them in a more senior position, or watching a company flourish when I have had the privilege of placing just one or the majority of their staff, they’ve all impacted me and helped me to grow myself.

Every single placement has mattered to me, it’s never, ever been about me, it’s always been about great outcomes for the people that have trusted me with their professional futures.

A mix of many skills

Recruitment is a mix of psychology, sales and administration. It’s hard, really hard, because each interaction involves a person who may not think, act or be anything like me. I’ve had to adapt, to be a chameleon and challenge myself. I want you to know that every time you interact with me, I will do my very best for you. I will always act with integrity and each interaction will be underpinned with a hope for a long, rewarding and mutually beneficial relationship.

What people Say about us


“Helpful and honest with great market insights”

Integritas Talent is one of the most respected and genuine recruitment businesses I know. I’ve worked with them on a number of occasions and have been consistently impressed by their helpful, honest and personalised level of service. They offer great market insights and their assessment of culture fit is spot on. I highly recommend working with Integritas Talent.

“They’re my sounding board””

When Julie started Integritas Talent, I had already worked with her as both a client and a candidate so I knew that she was honest and reliable and I didn’t hesitate to continue to work with her. Our business relationship has now extended to over 11 years and the capability of her service offering has grown from a provider of recruiters to a coach, advisor and friend. Not only do I contact her as a sounding board for industry trends and requirements, but I also trust her to speak with my staff and to ensure that I am providing an environment that is conducive to high performance and satisfaction. I can’t recommend Integritas Talent highly enough.

“I trust them implicitly”

I have worked with Integritas Talent for several years. They had provided me with a number of great staff, so when I was looking to make a move myself, they were the only business that I trusted to manage my own career. Julie’s proven honesty meant that I knew that I knew that she had my best interests at heart and she provided me with opportunities that I would never have considered myself. Ultimately the role that I accepted has given me not only an increase in my salary and earning capability, but it has stretched my skills and I am now managing a bigger business with more scope to grow.

“We’ve been working together since 2007”

Julie and I have worked together since 2007, she consistently did an exceptional job on numerous recruitment projects for me both as a client and as a candidate. Julie is a very productive, multi-skilled professional with vast knowledge. Julie is always honest, proactive, self-motivated and results driven. It’s an absolute pleasure working with Julie. Thanks to her interpersonal skills, Julie has unequalled relationships with both clients and candidates in today’s market which enable her to always yield great results

“Julie never tells you how good she is, she shows you”

Integritas Talent are genuine, professional and honest. Julie has worked in recruitment for a long time and her reputation is really strong. She doesn’t tell you how good she is, she just gets on with the job and shows you. She listens, tries her best and stays in touch if she can’t find exactly the right opportunity. I wouldn’t go to anyone else.

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